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We-Energy Game

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Energygame maakt samenwerken aan energietransitie makkelijkerThe We-Energy Game is an off- and online game that was developed in April 2016 by PhD student Frank Pierie. This is now already a popular ‘Serious Game’ that is played in many places of the Netherlands. The aim of the game is to make a village or city electrically energy-neutral. This by making use of sustainable energy sources that are placed by the participants on a map of the municipality. The participants each play the role of one of the important stakeholders in the energy transition. The roles are: Chairman, Legislation, People, Planet, Profit and Balance. The participants represent and protect the interests of their role.

While playing the game, the participants find out that it is difficult to agree with each other. In addition, they learn and get to know the different roles, for example, their views on windmills could generate conversations about the energy transition in which the possibilities and difficulties are discussed with the participants. These discussions give participants more understanding, knowledge and awareness. Are you excited? For more information: www.we-energy.eu.

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