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Speur de Energieslurper

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Speur de Energieslurper is the corporate version of the “Actie Energiestekkers”. Following the successful action with power consumption meters in four villages in the municipality of Drenthe, we have together with Gasunie, Buurtkracht (Enexis Holding NV) and the province of Drenthe made the action suitable for companies.

Teams of 7 participants could sign up to participate in Speur de Energieslurper. They received a suitcase with power consumption meters which moved around between different team members for several weeks. They could use the power consumption meters to measure the consumption of appliances at home. Each participant wrote down the consumption of the appliances in a table, whereby for example an overview of the consumption of all washing machines were recorded. By filling in the table, the biggest energy consumers (electricity) in house became apparent.

The results were discussed during a final meeting and the biggest energy consumers were announced. The measurement data was also placed in a broader context(sustainability and energy consumption by individuals).

Speur de Energieslurper Gasunie

N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie was the first big company that offered the action to their employees in the context of their CSR policy. More than 400 employees participated in the actions. Various working groups focusing on making homes more sustainable and helping colleagues with this process have been established. Not only did the action contribute to the (further) discussions about sustainability, it also ensured that colleagues acted together. In addition to developing the campaign, we have conducted research into the effects of the action on “energy awareness”, sustainable behaviour and the promotion of energy conversations.

Speur de Energieslurper provincie Drenthe

The province of Drenthe has taken over from Gasunie and has made it possible for their employees to take part in the campaign. The initiative comes from “Drenthe in Transition“. The original “Actie Energiestekkers” for neighbourhoods and villages originated from Drenthe in Transition. Due of the success of the original campaign (more awareness of energy consumption, more sustainable behaviour and the promotion of social cohesion by jointly carrying out the action), the province wants to use ‘Speur de Energieslurper’ to make it possible for employees to benefit from it with. Furthermore, employees contribute to research into the effects of the actions, so that we can improve them and apply the actions in other situations.

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