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Redressing Long-term societal challenges through space for Incremental urban development, small-scale and bottom-up initiatives to produce New Knowledge for vital and inclusive urban regions.

The project R-LINK conducts research on how bottom-up small scale initiatives of regional development can contribute to societal issues such as accessibility, inclusiveness and sustainability. Within the project we are aiming for the subproject in which social learning, innovation and co-creation take place. In addition, a spatial planning and psychological processes are studied. The studied cases are carried out in the Netherlands (Amsterdam and Groningen) and abroad (New York, Portland and London).

Research questions

This sub-project focuses on the questions: What role does social learning play in co-creative planning processes and practices, and how (when it plays a role) does it lead to a social innovation?

The goal

The goal of the sub-project is to find out what role social learning and social innovation play in co-creation and how they can be influenced and controlled.

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