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Housing corporations are realizing zero-energy building renovations on a large scale, because it is one of the most developed methods for far-reaching sustainability of existing properties. When realizing zero-energy homes (houses that produce as much energy as the occupants need on an annual basis) various problems have occurred. As entire housing blocks need to be renovated at once, the housing cooperation needs time to get all occupants engaged. It also turns out that occupants are not always well prepared to live in zero-energy homes, which leads to wrong expectations and complaints in the worst scenario.

According to the housing corporations, when it comes to the current housing process the tenants complained that the process is time consuming. How can participation be designed, so that the tenants are involved in the process and prepared for living in energy neutral houses? In the process extensive research is conducted in relation to previously learned lessons and an adequate approach is designed.

Research questions

How can residents be well prepared and guided to live in energy neutral houses?

The goal

The aim of the project is to develop an effective approach for the housing process where positive resident experiences and zero-energy homes are realized. This concerns the process from planning to commissioning. This approach ensures that the occupants are well-prepared in an efficient and effective manner for living in zero-energy home and that after the renovation energy neutrality is realized.

Expected / achieved research results

Combining and analyzing of existing experiences by means of a meta-analysis.
The result are: The starting points for the design.

In co-creation designed approach for housing process.
The result are : New approach for housing corporations.

Testing the approach.
The result are : Validated approach.

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