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Nul op de meter Woonborg

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In Roden 33 terraced houses have been renovated into NOM (Nul op de Meter) homes. Housing corporation Woonborg has made a considerable effort to motivate all residents for a NOM home and to guide them as well as possible in the preliminary phase. A year before the renovation began, there were meetings with residents and in that year a model home was realized. An ambassador was also deployed and individual interviews were held with residents who had doubts.

Bron: Bouwgroep Dijkstra Draisma

Woonborg has planned and implemented this process on the basis of the experience of the employees. Although during the project there has been good contact with the residents, Woonborg has asked researchers from the research group to conduct research into the experiences of the residents with the renovation. In addition, Woonborg was interested in the experiences of the residents with their NOM accommodation. By gaining more insight into these experiences, Woonborg can improve the approach to such renovation projects.

In addition, Woonborg wants to know from a social involvement whether gaining a very energy-efficient home influences the level of energy-conscious behaviour of residents. This energy-conscious behaviour is not only important to save the environment, but also to keep the energy bill for residents as low as possible. If the residents use less than 2700 kWh per year, then the house is actually a “zero on the meter” home and this should also be the goal.

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