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Drenthe in Transitie

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Drenthe in Transition is an initiative of the province of Drenthe and the 12 municipalities of Drenthe.

The initiative was set up to accelerate the energy transition in Drenthe. The initiative consists of 3 lines:

  1. Transition Arenas
  2. Platform
  3. Sustainable Behaviour

In addition to conducting impact and evaluation studies on the first two lines, we are responsible for the Sustainable Behaviour line. In the first half of the year we did a study on the situation in Drenthe. Immediately afterwards we started with two research- and intervention programs. The first course was aimed at “activating the majority”, meaning, motivating people who haven’t focused on energy saving yet and making hem contribute to the energy transition. The second process was aimed at strengthening existing initiatives. Together with the main partners and some social partners, we are currently making follow-up plans for the second year, based on the results of the first year.

More information: www.ditenergie.nl

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