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Check je Warmtelek

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Due to the success of the ‘Speur de Energieslurper’ they created, together with experts from Gasunie, the action Check je Warmtelek. The energy consumption in a home only partly consists of electricity consumption: the heat demand (usually gas) is usually even higher.

In order to have an overall picture of the energy consumption in homes, ‘Check je Warmtelek’ was created. This action means that employees, once again in teams, can register and then have access to a thermal imaging camera (FLIR E6) for a few weeks. By creating images and filling in data, as well as discussing these with each other, we show how well the house is doing when focusing on the heat consumption. For instance, a possible heat leakage can be detected and how well the house is insulated. Because thermography is a complex device, a manual has been developed so that everyone can make good thermal images. Moreover, documents have been developed that help practicing with the camera and with which the house can be mapped. A quick start guide has been developed for people who already have some background knowledge about thermography, so that they can get started quickly.

Implementation at Gasunie

Given the number of participants, Check je Warmtelek at Gasunie was a great success. The action was carried out in the winter 2016. 12 experts from Gasunie contributed to the material and the set up of the action.

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