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Bedrijfkracht (‘corporate power’) is a network organization in which organizations and institutions help each other towards a more sustainable society. The participating organizations can offer various measures to support awareness of Energy use (‘Speur de Energieslurper’ and ‘Check je Warmtelek’) for their own employees and use it to improve their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies. During these activities employees are able to detect high energy using devices and heat leakages in their homes and workplaces.
Every company that takes part is encouraged to contribute to Bedrijfkracht: A new action or a new idea that is developed by employees and then is offered to staff members and other affiliated companies. We hope that companies make use of the expertise of their staff in this way, to work together with other companies and make progress in the energy transition.

Bedrijfkracht can also play a role in facilitating collective measures. For example, after the first action at Gasunie a group of staff members committed to collectively achieve a deal in relation to the purchase of solar panels, heat pumps, energy management systems, etc. By doing this, this company provided knowledge and information for other organizations.

Make an effort to CSR and join Bedrijfkracht.

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The implementation of the organizational strength of companies and institutions that co-create the achievements needed for a sustainable society.

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