Juliette Jansz

Juliette started her graduation research at the professorship in 2017 for the course Applied Psychology. Previously, She gained research experience at the UMCG. As a result, her affinity with conducting research into influencing behaviour grew. She has been able to use this knowledge in the intervention process ‘Bewoners aan het stuur’, which is her graduation project. During the project, she conducted research into the ways in which problems with speeding can be tackled in villages and in the municipality of Loppersum through a community approach.

She has been working as a junior researcher since 2018 and has been involved in the projects: Wisselwoningen in Loppersum, Regie over je Energie and Nul-op-de-meter Woonborg.

Juliette Jansz

Function: Junior onderzoeker

Projects: Diverse projecten

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